A decade ago, Staci’s passion to support self-awareness, encourage development of spiritual gifts, and mentor personal integrity in others, coalesced into a business model with three branches: SOUL INTEGRITY, AURA PERSONALITIES, and HEALING & WHOLENESS RETREATS. If you experience one, you will inevitably experience all three.

Staci created the SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP in 2010 from her own 15-year Soul journey. The SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP guides individuals onto their true Life Path, diving deep into the traits inherent in AURA PERSONALITIES layers. If your innate gifts lie in the realms of intuition, sensitivity, spirituality, creativity, thought leadership, or holistic health, Staci is will be compassionate, empathic guide and mentor for you.

With AURA PERSONALITIES, Staci pioneered muscle-testing and empathing as a means to discover the color of light around people based on Barbara Bower's descriptions of the same in her book, What Color Is Your Aura?. From the intuitive downloads Staci received about the light and gifts of each personality, in countless one-on-one sessions with friends and strangers, she compiled her own book AURA PERSONALITIES. Staci now certifies AURA PERSONALITIES CONSULTANTS as guides for your journey in knowing your own Aura Personalities layers.

As a life-long dabbler in holistic health, fine art, writing, yoga, psychology and spirituality, it was natural for Staci to create the HEALING & WHOLENESS RETREATS. These retreats are sacred spaces for relaxing yet transformative experiences via guided meditation, gathering, creating, playing, eating, and moving in nature. The Healing & Wholeness Retreats allow you to experience your own Soul with principles from Aura Personalities, Soul Integrity, and Nature.


Academically, Staci received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marriage, Family & Human Development from Brigham Young University, studied Holistic Health at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in California, focused on Fine Art at Santa Monica College, and certified as an Emotional Release Facilitator from the Institute of Healing Arts. Staci has everlong been composing the book to accompany the SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP, (as well as too many other writing projects to mention). She’s in-love with her lil family and life and God, and pretty much falls in love with the brilliant, unique light of every person she meets, finding Namaste in every encounter. Welcome to her website and creations—they continue to unfold with you in mind!

Staci Sadler, not only is she one of the most Amiable, compassionate, empathetic, wise, loyal, Golden Hearted Women I have ever met, but she has also been gifted with such a beautiful understanding & insight of our Auric traits. I have been so grateful for the invaluable understanding of myself that she has given to me thru her Aura Personalities consultations, book & classes. There is so much power in knowing more about the Self, & then extending it to also better understand others. She shed Light on aspects of myself I did not understand, or even felt afraid of, that opened my eyes to compassionate insight to myself & gave me tools to better accentuate my strengths, thus de-emphasizing my weaknesses. For me, just being more aware of what is going on within me, gave me a new calm & confidence & appreciation of the unique person I am. This knowledge also helps me to be aware of the ways in which I particularly behave negatively, which knowing that I can better be prepared to choose my Higher ways of being. I am so filled with Love for & grateful to know Staci & to have been enlightened & uplifted by her gift she has to share with the World.
— Crystal Betterton