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There are many books and schools of thought on personality, but I have found Staci’s to go deeper and more thoroughly into the spiritual aspects of inborn attributes and abilities. Her work is truly fascinating.”
— C. Burton

In AURA PERSONALITIES 336 pages you will: understand how/why you operate the way you do — See how/why you make decisions the way you do — Recognize self-defeating behaviors as impermanent — Discover your own expectations based on who you really are — Own your role in relationships and honor differences in self & others — Magnify your innate capabilities, talents, and gifts — Instead of surrendering to weakness, live from strength — Contribute to the world the way you're meant to — Let go of needing to be all things to all people and just be YOU!

Staci Sadler shines brilliant light on the subject of “personality” in her illuminating book, AURA PERSONALITIES... If you have any interest in people and what makes each of us tick, then you will positively devour the information found on these pages. If you have already studied aura colors you will be pleasantly surprised to find the latest research that Staci has tirelessly compiled concerning the “new-Crystals.” This is fascinating stuff. It is not often I come across a truly “life-changing” book, but AURA PERSONALITIES has changed my life for the better.
— A. Peterson

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YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS Guided Meditations were created by Staci for conscious breathing, finding joy and self-love, accepting life, releasing fear and anxiety, finding peace during pain, and connecting to God. You do not need to be experienced in meditation. This is for beginning meditation (Eleven mp3 meditations, 7-17 minutes each) Available on: Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby or LISTEN FOR FREE on Spotify.

I am so enjoying your meditations! Especially the self-love and pain ones. ...There were gems of wisdom that expanded my heart, mind and soul. Your meditations are one of kind, like you.
— M. Chitwood