Each week, for the duration of your 12-week or 24-week Soul Integrity Mentorship…

you will be learning and integrating principles of personal integrity that invite you to release feelings of victimhood to overwhelming emotions and past events, as well as shift out of self-sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs.

Drawing from my deep understanding of your AURA PERSONALITIES layers, I empathically help you see their effect on all of your perceptions and all of your relationships. You will gain true insight into who you are, learn to embrace your weaknesses and strengths, and utilize this self-knowledge in all aspects of your life, including finally healing from your past.

I will show how to practice these principles of integrity, lovingly supporting you as you apply them to your past traumas, current life struggles, relationships, and the future you envision for yourself. This transformational work has the capacity to liberate you. You will have full commitment from me as your Mentor for the duration, and I invite you to commit as fully to your Self and your Soul.

It is your destiny to embrace all aspects of your true Self—the parts of you that operate from love and expansion, knowing you are meant for an incredibly fulfilling life. Join us in the next SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP—a twelve week process on your journey to joy. I’m all in!—Staci

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Begin your 3-month Soul Integrity Mentorship in SEPTEMBER or JANUARY. If choosing the 6-month option, you attend both:

  • :::: [Sep 23 — Dec 9, 2019] ::::

  • :::: [Feb 10 — Apr 27, 2020] ::::


I would love to send you the free six-page Soul Integrity Mentorship Curriculum so you can see the breakdown of the course and know more what to expect. After you have reviewed the Curriculum, I am available to answer questions and find out how the Mentorship might best support you.


Set up a free call with Staci to find out if the Mentorship is the right fit for you on your path:


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Pay through VENMO or GOOGLE PAY to avoid fees (my favorite!), sending $200 each month:

Use PAYPAL link once to activate $200 month plan* for credit card payments:

Tuition for 3-Month SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP: $1,200 and for 6-Month SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP: $2,400. Discount of 10% off if paid in full. I am also always happy to provide a $200/month option with no interest*.


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