Staci Sadler

Staci is the author of the book Aura Personalities: Our Innate Gifts & Magnificent Potential Reflected in The Energy We Emanate, as well as an Aura Personality Consultant, life coach, trainer and Soul Integrity Mentor for those whose gifts lie in the realms of energy, spirituality, creativity, thought leadership, and holistic health. She teaches individuals, families, groups and corporations to understand their specific strengths, gifts, and how they work with others. Staci is a life-long dabbler in holistic health, fine art, spirituality, and a perpetual questioner. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marriage, Family & Human Development from Brigham Young University, studied Holistic Health at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in California, focused on Fine Art at Santa Monica College, and certified as an Emotional Release facilitator from the Institute of Healing Arts in Utah. She owns Utah Natural Health, which sponsors events that provides a link between holistic health practitioners & educators with those ready to take charge of their health and their lives.


$60 for 30-Minute Phone Consult

$90 for 60-90-Minute Family "FHE" Group*

$120 for 90-Minute Individual or Small Group (up to 10 people)  

*{Can be Christ-focused, family-focused, or both, just let me know your preference}