with Staci Sadler, Author, Founder and Owner of AURA PERSONALITIES


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Several years ago, Staci Sadler pioneered muscle-testing as a means to discover the color of light around people based on Barbara Bower's descriptions of the same in her book, What Color Is Your Aura?. Most people that see light see it as moving and changeable. Barbara Bowers had a less common capability of seeing the fixed aura. She interviewed individuals to write descriptions for each of these personalities. Both of these gifts are beautiful and serve different purposes that Staci describes in her book, Aura Personalities

Staci Sadler adds her additional gift of empathing the energy of others to the body of knowledge about the light around us called THE AURA. For her, empathy is an ongoing experience and makes it so that a book of the subject could never be complete. Not only does she continue to empath more information about each AURA color, she also discovered 9 additional colors of light, to date, four of which have only been on the planet for the past 30 years, another four started arriving 3 years ago.

Muscle-testing is one way to confirm the colors of light around a person, and although Staci is generally accurate because of her unique gift of empathing, it is not a foolproof method, nor a skill that has been readily transferrable. Because of this, Staci is committed to help others discover the light for themselves, and continually certifies AURA PERSONALITIES CONSULTANTS as guides for people on their journey. They certify through her SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP

AURA PERSONALITIES light is incredible self-knowledge. Learning yours will embark you on a journey, one well-worth committing to for true accountability and fulfillment. As Staci always says, "Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge is unstoppable power. It’s the power to create positive change and have the life you really want."

 Staci created the SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP in 2010 from her own 15-year Soul journey. The SOUL INTEGRITY MENTORSHIP guides individuals onto their true Life Path. Staci is a compassionate guide for thosewhose gifts lie in the realms of energy, spirituality, creativity, thought leadership, and holistic health.

Through AURA PERSONALITIES and SOUL INTEGRITY, Staci leads individuals, families, groups and corporations to understand their specific strengths, gifts, and how they work with others. She finds great satisfaction in watching people naturally gravitate to their appropriate roles in all of their relationships. Once they've been given permission to be WHO THEY REALLY ARE, they consistently find greater satisfaction and success in all of their roles and relationships as their true Selves step forward.

Staci is a life-long dabbler in holistic health, fine art, spirituality, and is a perpetual questioner. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marriage, Family & Human Development from Brigham Young University, studied Holistic Health at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in California, focused on Fine Art at Santa Monica College, and certified as an Emotional Release facilitator from the Institute of Healing Arts in Utah. She is owner of Utah Natural Health, which sponsors events providing a link between holistic health practitioners & educators with those ready to take charge of their health and their lives. And she is currently completing her second book to accompany SOUL INTEGRITY PRINCIPLES.