Step 3 on Your Wellness Journey

Watch our favorite video, by a doctor that doesn't even work for doTERRA, about the WHOLEFOOD SUPPLEMENTS you'll be starting. The three bottles of supplements cover the critical things we need everyday for our bodies to function well, handle stress, and really start to heal: (1) OMEGA FATTY ACIDS, (2) MULTIVITAMIN (food nutrients), (3) CELLULAR SUPPORT (polyphenols & botanicals). Remember, there is a vegan option for those with sensitivities.

If you've decided on a monthly budget to commit to your health during these next 12-weeks, and you're ready to start your WHOLEFOOD SUPPLEMENT regime, schedule a call with the link below so we can help you create your wholesale account, or click the "create a dōTERRA account" below to get started on your own. The wholesale account is $35/year, but there are wellness "kits" you can order that cancel out that fee. The kits we love include the supplements. We're happy to walk you through the process of creating an account until you're comfortable. Remember, just because you create an account, there is no obligation to buy products. We just want to introduce you to these wonderful products and help educate on their benefits. You may or may not love to use essential oils, and you may find that there is a particular supplement that is your favorite. We'll help you learn about them. We'll help you stay within the financial commitment you choose to be able to best support your health.

If you are creating an account and schedule a call, we'll also dive deeper into understanding your relationship to your body and your health.

If you decide not to create an account, there's no need to have a follow-up call. But we have added you to our AURAS & OILS private Facebook group so you can stay connected to our WELLNESS COACHING via education there. We're happy to support whatever is best for you.